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Some Tips to Remove a Clog from a Drain Yourself

  • If you are renting your home or apartment you should first call your landlord before making any attempts to unclog a drain. Many rental agreements cover the expense, and   if you attempt to unclog the drain and damage it you will be responsible for the repairs.
  • Consumer clog-clearing chemicals are available at most stores. These are able to remove many clogs with simple application and are fairly inexpensive. If you are considering one of these solutions, it's important to verify whether the chemical it is harmful to plastic plumbing or garbage disposals when dealing with a kitchen sink.
  • For some clogs it, may be possible to remove the clog using a plunger. Put the plunger in the sink and press up and down firmly. Adding some water to the sink can help improve the effectiveness of this method because it helps create the suction and pressure that makes the plunger most effective.